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100 Dollar Payday Loan

There are innumerable scenarios wherein there is a requirement of a 100-dollar loan. For instance, let’s say, your groceries are finished, you need to refill your gasoline, or you have some other emergency for urgent cash, but you have no savings at that moment, your credit score is dismal and that friend you relied upon for extra cash in times of need, has suddenly disappeared.

In such relatable scenarios, a 100-dollar loan can bring light in darkness because it gets you from the mucky road during the hard times. You do not need to face the uncomfortable, embarrassing scenario of asking from a friend, and risking your self-respect.

A $100 loan is mostly a payday loan meaning you borrow the cash with a fee attached; and then repay it back in a period of two or four weeks, often in your next paycheck. Lenders attach a flat fee towards small loans like these, normally ranging from $15 to $30 in addition to the loan itself. What a lender would do is automatically withdraw the funds from your account when you are paid.

Are You Eligible For a 100 Dollar Loan?

A question you might ask is, “Am I eligible for a 100 dollar loan?” Of course, you can get a payday loan if you:

  • Are over 18
  • Reside in an eligible state
  • Have a stable source of income like employment or business

Although there may be no predefined way of ensuring a lender approves your $100 loan application, it could help if you keep in mind the following things:

  • Ensure you meet the criteria for eligibility because each lender has their own decisive factor
  • Examine your credit report to see if there are mistakes, if any, correct them. This will help increase your credit score. For a payday loan, lenders may not check your credit score, but again, it doesn’t hurt when you check and correct mistakes. By the way, you are still building your score.
  • Keep the applications few because too many will negatively impact on your credit score.

How Do You Get a 100 Dollar Loan?

Once you have identified a few lenders that offer payday loans, you want to find the one who has lenient terms. Read the fine-print to ensure you understand the terms and conditions governing the loan. Narrow down to a lender who understands your needs and has flexible terms and conditions.

Before you apply for a 100 Dollar Loan, you need to get a fair idea of the repayment. When you know the amount you will repay, you can assess your salary or income as well as expenses to ensure the loan is affordable.

You will need to have an account with a bank in addition to regular income in order to borrow $100. Apply for the loan online or visit a store. When done, you now wait for approval, which may take a few minutes in case of a small loan like $100. If you are in a store, you can have your loan same day but if you have given your bank account, the funds can be available the next day.